Epoxy Fiberglass Tubes in Industries

Editor:Zhejiang Hetai New Material Co. LTD │ Time:2023-06-21 

Epoxy Fiberglass Tubes are a material used for protection. It is a high-performance composite material made of epoxy resin and glass fiber. It is the same kind of material as the carbon fiber material. However, it is more cost-effective than carbon fiber and can be used in the machinery industry, electric power industry, etc. to play a protective role.



I. Introduction of Epoxy Fiberglass Tubes

Epoxy Fiberglass Tube are used to protect the material. It can have many benefits, such as he has high strength, corrosion resistance, insulation, and other good excellent characteristics, longer service life than traditional materials, and easy to manufacture. They are usually made into tubular shells with round or square cross-sections and are available in different sizes and thicknesses. Due to their excellent physical and chemical properties, Epoxy Fiberglass Tubes have become the material of choice in a variety of applications.


Mechanical industry applications:

Epoxy Fiberglass Tubes are used in the mechanical industry and are very common, Epoxy Fiberglass Tubes can be used in transmission bearing systems, hydraulic piping, wind energy industry, and can play a good role in protection. Then we will carefully introduce the role of their application!

1. Transmission bearing system: Epoxy Fiberglass Tubes can be used in the transmission bearing system, its high strength and wear resistance characteristics make it suitable for a variety of applications.

2. Hydraulic piping: Epoxy Fiberglass Tubes have excellent acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, so they are also often used in hydraulic piping to ensure the long-term service life and reliability of the piping.

3. Wind energy industry: Epoxy Fiberglass Tubes can be used in the manufacture of wind turbine blades. Their high strength and lightweight dimensions make the blades stronger and more durable and also have a good wind resistance reduction effect.


Power industry applications

In the power industry, Epoxy Fiberglass Tubes can be used as a good insulator and also as a good protection device for cable protection sleeves, power transformers, air switches, and other roles.

1. Power transformers: Epoxy Fiberglass Tubes can be used in the manufacture of insulating parts for power transformers. Due to their excellent electrical insulation properties and heat resistance, they can effectively protect the coils inside the transformer and also meet electric safety standards.

2. Cable protection sleeving: Epoxy Fiberglass Tubes can also be used in the manufacture of cable protection sleeving. Their corrosion resistance and insulation properties allow cables to operate properly in a variety of environments and extend the service life of cables.

3. Air switch: Epoxy Fiberglass Tubes can be used in air switch, its high insulation and low dielectric constant makes the switch more reliable and safe.



After I introduced so much above, I also detailed how Epoxy Fiberglass Tubes are a kind of material, and also detailed what functions and functions Epoxy Fiberglass Tubes have. It is widely used in many fields such as the machinery industry and electric power industry. It is second only to carbon fiber material as a protective device and insulator. Then in the future, it will be further applied in various fields and have more excellent performance and characteristics.