Epoxy Fiberglass Tube

1: Winding angle, 45°~65° (winding angle can be adjusted according to different requirements to achieve better mechanical properties);

2: Fiber content (weight ratio), 70% to 75%;

3: Density, 2.00g/cm³;

4: Water absorption, less than 0.03%;

5: Axial thermal expansion coefficient, 1.8E-05 1/K;

6: Glass transition temperature, 110~120℃;

7: Chemical resistance Mineral oil: excellent;

8: Solvent and dilute acid: excellent;

9: Tensile elastic modulus, axial 14000 MPa;

10: Tensile strength: 280 MPa in the axial direction; 600 MPa in the circumferential direction;

11: Shear strength: 150 MPa;

12: Bending strength: axial 350 MPa;

13: Compressive strength: axial 240 MPa;

14: Relative dielectric constant 2-3.2;

15: Dielectric loss factor 0.003-0.015;

16: Partial discharge ≤5;

17: Dielectric strength: axial 3~6kv/mm; radial 10~12kv/mm;

18: Lightning shock: 110KV;

19: Power frequency shock: 50KV;

20: Heat resistance class: B, F, H;

21: inner diameter > 5mm; outer diameter < 300mm; length < 2000mm.

The above data is only for reference, the casing parameters we produce are customized for each customer's needs!

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Hetai is a leading supplier and manufacturer of epoxy fiberglass tubes. Our products are made from high-quality woven glass fiber and epoxy resin, resulting in a composite material with exceptional mechanical properties.

Our epoxy fiberglass tubes are used in various insulation and structural applications in the electrical, aerospace, automotive and marine industries. They offer excellent resistance to moisture, chemicals and impact while providing superior strength and stiffness.

We accept your special customization at Hotei to meet specific design requirements, including shape, size and wall thickness. We have extensive experience in manufacturing and can withstand even the most challenging operating conditions.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. We use advanced production techniques and equipment to ensure consistent and reliable performance. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards.

Whether you need standard or custom-designed epoxy fiberglass tubing, Hetech has the expertise and resources to provide the right solution for your application. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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