​Production range of knitwear manufacturers in Myanmar

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Myanmar is a country where the knitwear manufacturing industry is relatively developed and mainly relies on the export of knitwear as an industry. There are very many knitwear factories and knitwear manufacturers, and the knitwear factories in Myanmar are dedicated to producing various styles and types of knitwear in a very wide range, including T-shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts. Then we are going to introduce the production process of knitwear manufacturers and other content.

What are the knitwear manufacturing processes?

The knitwear manufacturers in Myanmar usually have the following production and manufacturing processes, from material selection to spinning, and then after several steps, and finally ironing, all the production processes of knitwear can be completed.

1. Material selection: First, raw materials such as cotton, polyester, hemp, and wool need to be purchased and tested for quality.

2. Spinning: The selected raw materials will be spun and turned into threads.

3. Weaving: The spun yarn will be woven into cloth by machine.

4. Dyeing: Dye the woven cloth.

5. Printing: The dyed cloth is printed.

6. Cutting: The dyed and printed cloth is cut according to the clothes' style.

7. Sewing: Sewing the cut cloth into clothes. 8.

8. ironing: ironing the sewn clothes.

Production range

Myanmar's knitwear and sweaters can meet the needs of everyone in the world. No matter what style and size each country likes, Myanmar's knitwear manufacturers can meet the needs of the market. The following are examples of the main types of Myanmar knitwear that can meet the needs of customers.

1. Styles and types: Myanmar knitwear manufacturers produce a wide variety of styles and types, including short-sleeved, long-sleeved, sleeveless, crew neck, V-neck, polo shirts, and other styles and types.

2. Materials: Myanmar knitwear manufacturers also use a wide range of materials, including cotton, polyester, hemp, wool, and other raw materials. Among them, cotton is one of the most common materials and is highly preferred for its softness, breathability, and comfort.

3. Colors and prints: Knitwear manufacturers in Myanmar can produce various colors and prints according to customers' requirements to meet market demand.

4. Sizes: Myanmar knitwear manufacturers can produce different sizes of knitwear according to international standards or customer requirements to meet the needs of different people.

Advantages and characteristics

Myanmar knitwear is a very good place in the whole market of knitwear in Southeast Asia, it has a very good reputation and advantages, Myanmar knitwear supply is exported to various countries all over the world, why it can do so well? Because of the price advantage as well as the labor advantage and other advantages, the following is a variety of excellent introductions.

1. Price advantage: Compared to manufacturers in other countries, knitwear manufacturers in Myanmar have more favorable prices. This is due to the lower cost in Myanmar, including the level of wages, raw material procurement costs, etc., which reduces the production cost of manufacturers.

2. Labor advantage: Most knitwear factories in Myanmar are hand-made, which means that each garment is finely hand-finished by artisans. Compared to machine production, manual operation can avoid many problems and uncertainties and can guarantee product quality.

3. Short production cycle: Myanmar's knitwear manufacturers are usually able to produce orders in a relatively short time, which is one of their competitive advantages. The relatively good transportation and logistics situation in Myanmar compared to other countries, coupled with the simple knitwear manufacturing process, makes its production cycle time much shorter.

4. Diverse production range: Myanmar knitwear manufacturers have a wide range of products to meet various market demands. In addition to styles, materials, colors, and sizes, knitwear manufacturers in Myanmar can also provide personalized services according to customer requirements and can produce different types of knitwear such as T-shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts.

5. Environmental protection advantage: Knitwear manufacturers in Myanmar pay attention to environmental protection in the production process and use environmentally friendly materials and processes to meet international environmental standards, which is a great advantage for those customers who have requirements for environmental protection.

Application areas

There are various application areas for Myanmar knitwear, whether they are self-produced or have their independent brands, they can also produce knitwear for various purposes, whether for the garment industry or corporate uniforms, all of which can be met, and the following are the main application areas introduced

1. Garment industry: Myanmar's knitwear manufacturers produce products mainly for the garment industry, including fashion, sportswear, and workwear, which can meet a variety of different consumer needs.

2. Sports brands: Knitwear manufacturers in Myanmar can accept orders from various brands and can produce various types of sports shirts such as soccer jerseys, basketball jerseys, tennis shirts, etc.

3. Corporate uniforms: Knitwear manufacturers in Myanmar can produce various types of corporate uniforms, such as hotel uniforms, hospital nurses' uniforms, supermarket workwear, etc., to meet the needs of different companies.

4. Export trade: Knitwear manufacturers in Myanmar export their products all over the world, including Europe, America, Japan, Korea, etc., becoming one of the important export industries in Myanmar.


The knitwear manufacturers in Myanmar are the best in the world in my opinion, and the quality is getting higher and higher and can make the larger consumer population more satisfied with these products, and the knitwear manufacturers in Myanmar are constantly developing and improving to meet the growing needs of customers more and more.