high voltage bushing capacitance foil

1: Winding angle, 45°~65° (winding angle can be adjusted according to different requirements to achieve better mechanical properties);

2: Fiber content (weight ratio), 70% to 75%;

3: Density, 2.00g/cm³;

4: Water absorption, less than 0.03%;

5: Axial thermal expansion coefficient, 1.8E-05 1/K;

6: Glass transition temperature, 110~120℃;

7: Chemical resistance Mineral oil: excellent;

8: Solvent and dilute acid: excellent;

9: Tensile elastic modulus, axial 14000 MPa;

10: Tensile strength: 280 MPa in the axial direction; 600 MPa in the circumferential direction;

11: Shear strength: 150 MPa;

12: Bending strength: axial 350 MPa;

13: Compressive strength: axial 240 MPa;

14: Relative dielectric constant 2-3.2;

15: Dielectric loss factor 0.003-0.015;

16: Partial discharge ≤5;

17: Dielectric strength: axial 3~6kv/mm; radial 10~12kv/mm;

18: Lightning shock: 110KV;

19: Power frequency shock: 50KV;

20: Heat resistance class: B, F, H;

21: inner diameter > 5mm; outer diameter < 300mm; length < 2000mm.

The above data is only for reference, the casing parameters we produce are customized for each customer's needs!

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Our high-voltage bushing capacitance is a high-quality product that provides reliable electrical insulation and efficient power transmission for high-voltage applications. This capacitance is made from premium materials and boasts excellent dielectric properties, low power loss, and long-term stability. Its design allows it to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions without compromising performance. Our high-voltage bushing capacitance has undergone rigorous testing and meets international safety standards. It is easy to install, requires minimal maintenance, and has a long service life. It is compact size, and lightweight design make it an ideal choice for transformers, switchgear, and other high-voltage equipment. With our high-quality product, you can be confident that your high-voltage application will operate safely and reliably.

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